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We help companies in all their edges to understand their strengths and potential, as well as their points of improvement. We see companies in a systemic way, not as isolated processes, this allows us to identify those points that need improvement or immediate attention and how to develop to the maximum the positive areas, especially those that have a greater impact to maximize the company’s profit.


Including financial auditing, Taxes  and forensic accounting if necessary. Accounting, Corporate finance, treasury, investments, divestitures, Merge & Acquisitions.


Technology, Processes and Human Talent. Several of our executives have been leaders in the technology sector, today we cannot conceive a successful company without the use of technology. With our management consulting, we help our clients to be at the forefront of technologies and how to integrate them into their production and business processes. We view operations from all its edges in a systemic way, always keeping in mind the maximization of profits and the satisfaction of the company’s clients.

Human Talent

Human potential development process, compensation and benefits and  hiring process as the most important step in the beginning of a commercial and human relationship.

Sales and marketing

We have a team with more than 30 years of experience in Sales and management consulting in different industries and disciplines: from  Retail through B2C, B2B models, High Capital Investment projects to E-commerce platforms, capable of even developing proprietary software if it is required. In the Marketing team, we have a group of young people who understand very well the new marketing trends (e-marketing) and how to develop them on social networks.

Business Strategy

We use “Orchestration” as a business strategy, a business strategy technique and culture that has proven to be the most successful and adjusted to the new realities of a global economy. Some of our executives have been trained with the creator of this strategy, Alejandro Ruedas-Gossi. An eminence in the field of Business Strategy. With this strategy,  you can reach your results far away from your expectations, you probably won’t need all the investment you expect, you can share and benefit from and with others.

“Developing and Operating Business Management Consulting for the challenging and ever-changing market”
SOCAP CORP – Company Consulting

Orchestration Management Principles and Strategy as a Culture in SOCAP CORP

Orchestration Strategy in management consulting will be used to developed and exponentially increase our customer’s business opportunities with a continuous innovation and broaden our capabilities. Orchestration will allow us to use not only our customers resources but also their partners and network nodes (stakeholders and resources) which will allow us to add value in benefit of all the stakeholders and nodes involved in the network: Investors, Partners, associates, Staff, Suppliers and customers, others.  It is based in four strategic areas which we can sum up as follow:

business management consulting
Sensemaking as Sources of Discontinuity
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Regulations
  • Technology


  • Asset Light
  • Sophisticated Nodes (high skilled people and resources)
  • Keep Orchestrating
  • Transparency

Key elements / Characteristics:

  • Platform Business Design-Allocentric
  • Unique & Enabler Processes
  • The Paradox of Complexity (Simple Rules for complex decisions. Any strategy is more effective is employee use straight forward guidelines for making critical Decisions)
  • Knowledge Legos + Plug & Play. We are not reinventing the wheel. We are using the Vast experience we have and the well known process, tools and techniques improving them with innovation and technology to leverage the maximum of  our network nodes benefits: Investors, Customers, Partners, associates, suppliers, employees.

Getting the best benefit for our network: Investors, Customers, Partners, associates, suppliers, employees.Highest Value / moneyFlexible Cost structure. (Clear guidelines that managers and employee understand)Simple Rules. Any proposal coming from SME will have some basic rules:

  • We will remove any obstacles to growing revenues
  • Minimize up front expenditures
  • Provide benefits immediately, more than paying off in the long term

Reuse existing resources

Some of our most successful Seminars and Services
  • Business in USA 101
  • Personal finance and its implications in the American Credit System
  • Understanding the American Credit System
  • How to create a credit profile for your business
  • How to obtain financing for your business.
  • Development of a Business Plan for your company
  • Forensic Accounting and Capital Origins.
  • Anti-Money Laundering. Before buying a company in the USA, make sure that it has complied with the Laws of the USA and the origins of the capital are legal.
  • Full Intervention of Companies (Crisis Management, Re-structuring , Merge & Acquisitions)
  • Merge & Acquisitions.
  • Business Valuation
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