Slide Business Management

Our Group of Companies

we are a group of companies that support business growth. We view business from strategic, financial, and process perspectives.



Business Consulting: Business Strategy, Business Development, Operations Management, Sales and Marketing, E-commerce,  Business Plan Elaboration, Merge and Acquisitions, Crisis Management.

Cool Credit Loans LLC

Specialized in Small and Mid Size Business Funding.

Cool Credit Repair LLC

Business Development in Energy, Oil and Gas.

Super Magma Energy

SME is the result of the union of virtues and capacities of diverse highly qualified actors, with long, wide and deep experience in the world of energy and with special emphasis in oil and natural gas, who have joined forces for more than 20 years within a flexible organization capable of addressing any oil & gas projects from inception through completion and start-up.

Business Security & Intelligence Group
(BSI Group)

Business Security and Intelligence, Anti-money Laundering, Counter-Intelligence, M&A, Cibersecurity, Forensic Accounting.

“Developing and Operating Business for the challenging and ever-changing market”