Super Magma Energy

SME is the result of the union of virtues and capacities of diverse highly qualified actors, with long, wide and deep experience in the world of energy and with special emphasis in oil and natural gas, who have joined forces for more than 20 years within a flexible organization capable of addressing any oil & gas projects from inception through completion and start-up.



The task at hand is to search for oil & gas prospects and carry out the whole work necessary from exploration all the way to development of the oilfields, and finally to undertake a profitable operation of those oilfields.

Downstream & Midstream

In downstream, SME experience is similar and even higher than E&P, since our group of experts and engineers has a vast experience in Downstream projects ​from its conceptual engineering, doing the basic and detailed engineering including the project management, procurement, and construction. Our group of experts has been involved in the construction and operation of the biggest Refineries, Gas compression Plants, Transportation systems, storage systems,Oil treatment facilities in Venezuela, Colombia, Europe and USA. 


SME is normally involved in scouting of oil and gas opportunities in the US, Caribbean and in Latin America. This translates into an active list of attractive prospects that demand financing. The eventual financing will involve funds and/or companies in search for high economic returns and short payout times.

Other Components

SME has stretch relationships with C level executives with the Biggest Oil firms around the World: Citgo, Shell , Chevron, Ecopetrol, Aramco, Exxon  Mobil, BP, CEPSA, GAZPROM, among others. SME also has the team and the experience in supply and marketing of oil & gas, with longtime established clients, excellent connections with other trading and shipping companies, and a slate of premium refineries worldwide. These capacities have repeatedly proven how to translate into making “big” the small value issues.

Other Capacities

SME through its parent Company SOCAP CORP, has the capability of leveraging the necessary Capital investment for the different Oil & Gas opportunities, With a great team of financial and lawyers expert in Merge and Acquisitions for the Oil and gas Industry.

Oil and Gas